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About Us

Founded in 2014 by a family of experienced health care professionals, we have had first hand experiences with caring for loved ones and individuals with terminal illnesses. Our experiences have made us understand the importance of hospice care in dramatically reducing the amount of pain and suffering experienced by a patient and their loved ones. Thus, Physician's Choice Hospice LLC was created to ensure that there was a hospice program that supported and advocated for patients and families in their time of need. Let us provide the compassionate, personalized care you or a loved one deserves.

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At Physician's Choice Hospice LLC, we want to ensure a comfortable end-of-life experience by providing quality hospice care services to our patients with life-limiting illness and to their families and loved ones with compassion, dignity, and respect.


We want to know our patients with life-limiting illness and their families and loved ones in order to provide them with the best individualized hospice care plan that meets their needs, concerns, choices, decisions, fears, wishes, and beliefs.

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We want to be the hospice care agency that provides the most compassionate care that brings quality of life until the end of our patient's journey and the most comprehensive support to their families and loved ones during the crossroad experience.

Contact Us


1535 W. Merced Ave, Ste. 200

West Covina, CA



Phone: (626) 866-4247

Fax: (626) 986-4190

Office Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:30 am – 5:00 pm





24 Hour On-call Personnel

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